Rainer Liedtke. Die europaische Integration seit dem Ersten Weltkrieg

Rainer Liedtke. Die europaische Integration seit dem Ersten Weltkrieg

He as well as emphasized the necessity of the message from a-work, and its importance towards generating culture for the deciding whether or not a bit of literary works is deemed “world literary works”. The brand new intersection out-of international or universal hopes and dreams, such which have world literature today often definition deals with transnational dimensions, and exactly how books you can expect to suffice nation-building plans is actually eg revitalizing on talk.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Mecke are an expert regarding literary works and you will people away from Spain and you can France. The guy leads the latest Language Search Heart (Forschungszentrum Spanien) in the Regensburg that will be representative of one’s CITAS professional panel. They have penned widely on the books, community and you can movie for the France and you will Spain. Their latest look centers on crises for the Spain and cultural reputation for sleeping.

What began inside the 1951 once the Eu Coal and you may Material Community which have half a dozen affiliate states has developed along side age into the Eu, an incredibly state-of-the-art political business connected with most Eu regions. So it lecture tested if or not European integration can be seen just like the a beneficial successful enterprise otherwise perhaps the tendency has started to become towards the another type of office of one’s continent.

Prof. Liedtke’s in-breadth summary of European combination took a historical method, returning 1st for some of the 19th-century suggestions of Eu monetary integration. Then detailed the introduction of formations and you can establishments forming the current European union whose foundations are located in the newest Schuman Declaration away from 1950 as well as the 1956 Pact of Rome. He and checked the historic standards at certain degrees of the EEC following EU’s extension. Because the early numerous years of institutional European combination was indeed noted of the collaboration ranging from national governing bodies, throughout the years national welfare gave cure for a good supranational approach. Whether or not national passion have a tendency to again confirm dominating as the European countries knowledge the brand new stress, remains to be seen.

His historical review advised that while you are financial consolidation might have been relatively uncontested, whether or not perhaps not as opposed to frictions and inequalities otherwise “two-speed” solutions to the latest single currency, it’s on the world of values where the idea of European countries are promoting certain divergence. These anxieties over Europe’s coming was basically prevalent on following discussion.

Here long-updates historical contacts, such as for example France’s involvement with Romania otherwise Germany’s to help you East-Central European countries, influenced Western Western european viewpoints on eastward extension, if you’re there were together with political requires within the south extension towards the former dictatorships on mid-eighties

Prof. Dr.Rainer Liedtke is couch off Western european History in Regensburg. The guy complete their PhD from the Oxford ahead of composing his habilitation inside the Giessen. They have published relative historic education in lot of dialects which have an effective focus on metropolitan history exploring the enjoy from Great britain, Germany and Jewish groups first and foremost http://datingranking.net/tr/bgclive-inceleme/.

Marek Nekula. Nationale und auch transnationale Erinnerungsraume.

It lecture shown an overview of just what compensate narratives and you may thoughts narratives, exploring particularly their character about creation of identities because section of (European) national and you may transnational memory discourses. The brand new thematic interest was into expulsions from populations across the wartime and postwar Main Europe. Claus Leggewie’s model of European thoughts countries when it comes to concentric groups placed the fresh new Holocaust in the key, to the expulsions and you will forced migration building the next system, exhibiting the centrality to help you Eu recollections. Which turned into obvious about controversies of your own 2000s due to the fact idea having a middle Up against Expulsions emerged off Italian language followers out-of the source. It lecture drew into the instances of Czech literary works to demonstrate just how depictions away from expulsion and you can pressed migration has slowly moved on off federal tissues to your transnational equivalents.

Prof. Nekula offered an obvious theoretic and abstract insight into secret rules out-of story education, including narrative by itself, commentary and you may master narratives (Meistererzahlung). He exhibited how this type of axioms enforce for the tracing this new character out-of recollections narratives inside Czech-Italian language connections. Worried about new stress anywhere between notice-thinking and you will attitudes regarding others because victims and/or perpetrators, he shown exactly how such key concepts can be applied in writing literary background and a reputation memories. At the same time, the brand new transnational circulations of one’s conditions employed by each class so you’re able to define event (together with Czech Odsun and you can German Vertreibung otherwise Heimat) was a sign of the the amount that talk can be done or thwarted.

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